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REALTOR® Member Application


Thank you for your interest in joining the Missoula Organization of REALTORS® (MOR). 

In order to be considered for membership: 

You must have an active real estate license from the state of Montana
Your office (brokerage) must also be an active member of MOR

IMPORTANT: Are you the Designated REALTOR® (Broker or Appraiser) for your office or brokerage and want to apply for membership? Please contact MOR via email at or call 406-728-0560. Our new DR and new office membership applications are available by request only. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Am I required to join MOR?
Membership to MOR may be a requirement of the office (brokerage) with which you are associated. However, MOR as an organization does not have a requirement that you join the Association.

Am I required to join the State and National Associations?
Yes, as part of your MOR Membership, you will automatically also join the Montana Association of REALTORS® (MAR) and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), which provides you membership benefits from all three levels. MOR will notify MAR and NAR of your membership and pay an assessment to them. 

What happens if I don’t join MOR?
The Designated REALTOR® in your office will have to pay a non-member licensee assessment for each licensee associated with the firm who is not a REALTOR® member.  Non-member licensee assessment is the equivalent of local, state and national dues minus the National Association of REALTOR® dues special image assessment of $35. 

Does MOR have anything to do with real estate licensing? 
No. The Board of Realty Regulation (BRR), which is a department of the state government, handles licensing. All questions regarding license renewal, license transfer, inactive licenses and re-activation, etc. should be directed to the Board of Realty Regulation by visiting their website or calling 406-841-2322. 

Is Montana Regional MLS (MRMLS) access one of the services I receive for my MOR dues?
MRMLS access is NOT included in your MOR Membership Dues, but joining MOR as a REALTOR® member is typically a prerequisite for gaining access to the MRMLS. The MRMLS is a separate entity from MOR with their own staff, application process, and billing. Once your MOR membership application has been processed and you have completed the required next steps, MOR will send your information to MRMLS staff, who will then reach out to you with their application process. 

Select An Option

You are a brand-new licensee applying for primary REALTOR® membership, OR you are transferring your existing primary REALTOR® membership to MOR. As a primary REALTOR member, you will receive full MOR membership benefits and you will pay your national, state, and local dues and fees through MOR.

You are currently a member of a REALTOR® Association outside of Montana, and you want join MOR as a secondary REALTOR® member.  You will receive full MOR membership benefits and pay state (Montana) and local dues to MOR annually. You will also pay national, state and local dues to your primary REALTOR® Association.

You are currently a member of another REALTOR® Association in the state of Montana, and you want join MOR as a secondary REALTOR® member.  You will receive full MOR membership benefits, but you will pay your national and state dues to your primary REALTOR® Association. You will only be required to pay MOR’s local dues and fees annually.

Enter Contact Information
Please select a valid membership option and fee item if exist
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